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Hardcore Guide

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server


How will you spend your one life?

Welcome to the TogetherCraft Hardcore Guide! This guide shall help you understand how our Hardcore World works. We have added many useful tips, information, and commands to ensure your first day is one of many to enjoy.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server


What is Minecraft Hardore?

Hardcore is incredibly difficult, and can even put the most experienced Minecraft player to the test. So, if you are eager to prove yourself, you need to make sure you are prepared for what Hardcore has in store.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server

No Respawn

You have one life.

In Hardcore, you only have one life to your name, and that is it. If you die, you are out until the following season. You won’t even be able to spectate. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your health bar at all times. From drowning and starvation to fall damage and explosions, there are many ways to run out of health fast. All your progress shall be lost, so treat your one life carefully!

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server


Our most experienced

The Hardcore World is restricted to Explorer rank, and above. These are community members who have been here for a while, and understand how our community works. You can /rankup to Explorer rank by voting for the server, or can obtain our Gold donator rank from the Store.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server

Fair Game

No perks or vanilla tweaks

To ensure everyone has the same Hardcore experience, everyone has the same commands, perks, and start. We have also made the game as close to Vanilla as possible, so have not included any tweaks either! Do you remember how to make an Ender Chest?

Some important missing tweaks are below:
– Totems will not work from your inventory
– No custom recipes
– No fast leaf decay
– Creepers make big holes!

Tweaks which we have included:
– Ender Dragon drops elytra
– Crate Loot refreshes every 2 days

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server


You can still /sit

To ensure a vanilla Hardcore experience, we have removed all the fancy commands. Below is a list of commands, which everyone has:

/pvp – Enable / disable your pvp
/afk – Toggle AFK status
/ping – Show players ping
/trash – Dispose of unwanted items
/seen – View when a player was last seen
/solve – Solves complex equations
/recipe – Check item recipe
/playtime – View players total play time
/playtimetop – Shows top list of player total playtime
/sit – Sit down anywhere
/near – See who is near you
/coordshud – Toggle coordinates HUD

[item] – Shows item you are holding in your hand in chat

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server

The World

Work together closely

Unlike our Survival World, we have made the Hardcore World a lot smaller. This is our way of trying to encourage you to work more closely together.

The Overworld, and Nether are 5,000 x 5,000 blocks. The End is 10,000 x 10,000 blocks to ensure there is enough materials for everyone!

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server

No Theft
No Grief

Same Rules Apply

It may be a new world, but it doesn’t mean we forget our manners. Just like survival, we will not tolerate grief or theft. Do not take any items from a chest, build, furnace, shulker etc. without the permission of the owner.

Do not take anything that does not belong to you! Unless, the chest says “Free Items” or “Community Chest”.

Do not modify another players build that does not belong to you.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server


Stay safe

We understand that everyone plays Hardcore for different reasons. Don’t like to fight? No problem! Toggle your PVP status anytime. When your PVP is disabled, you and your tamed pets are safe. Even when not online!

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server

Player Economy

Buy, sell and shop your way

Want to sell stone in your base? Want to open a shopping mall? Maybe a farm shop? You can! Our Hardcore World economy is run by the community. You decide the pricing, and the currency. Maybe trade emeralds instead? You decide. The price index does not apply to the Hardcore World, but you can use it as a guide for pricing your items.

How to join?

To play on our server you must be in our Discord Server. This is where announcements, and updates will be posted along with where our community communicates. In order to play on the TogetherCraft server you must fill out a Newcomer application in the #how-to-join-faq channel on Discord.
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Want to join the fun?

Launch Minecraft: Java Edition and press the Multiplayer button. Click on the Add Server button, and enter the server IP below.

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