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Newcomer Rank

Newcomer is the default rank, that every player joins the server with. Newcomers, do not have access to the Shopping & Gaming districts. To access these districts, you must collect 25 vote points and then /rankup to Member.

Below is a list of commands, that every Newcomer has access to:

/menu – Displays a GUI with all the commands
/pvp – Enable / Disable PVP
/afk – Toggle AFK status
/district – Choose a district
/ping – Show players ping
/coordshud – Adds XYZ coords and 24hr clock to your actionbar
/duraping – Enable /Disable durability ping
/nethercoords – View Nether coords
/overworldcoords – View Overworld coords
/votepoints – View Vote Points
/voteshop – View Vote Shop
 – Dispose of unwanted items
/seen – View when a player was last seen
/solve – Solves complex equations
/recipe – Check item recipe
/playtime – View players total play time
/playtimetop – Shows top list of player total playtime

[item] – Shows item you are holding in your hand in chat

/msg – Sends private message to player
/reply – Reply to last private message

/party – Create a private group chat for you and your friends
/partychat or /pc – Talk in your group
/party shareitem – Share item in your hand with your group

/guide – Receive link in chat for website Guide
/rules – Receive link in chat for server Rules
/map – Receive link in chat for server Map

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How to join?

To play on our server you must be in our Discord Server. This is where announcements, and updates will be posted along with where our community communicates. In order to play on the TogetherCraft server you must fill out a Newcomer application in the #how-to-join-faq channel on Discord.
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