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We have a chest-locking plugin that uses signs to protect any Minecraft containers (chests, furnaces, etc.) and entrances such as doors and gates.

To lock any of these, place a sign either directly on the container or on the block it’s sitting on, and [Private] will appear on the first line. Your name will show up on the second line, indicating that you have successfully locked your chest.

If you do not want to [Private] a chest, then shift + right click when placing the sign.

Editing Signs

Right-click the sign and type /blocklocker <line number> <text> to replace the text on the given line. You can shorten this to /bl <line number> <text>.

Adding Others

On the third and fourth row of the sign with [Private] you can add the names of up to two friends who may also access the chest. Want to add more people? Place a second sign against the chest. The chest plugin will add [More Users] to the first line and [Everyone] to the second line. If you want to change this, right-click the sign to edit it.

If the name of the person you’re adding doesn’t fit on the sign, just type as many characters as possible. If the person you’re adding is currently online, the chest plugin will be able to complete the name.

[Private] Tags

The tag [Everyone] grants everyone access to the protection.

The tag [Redstone] grants hoppers access to the container, and allows redstone signal to open doors.

There’s also a [Timer:X] tag, where X is a number from 0 to 9. Doors will close automatically after the specified amount of seconds.

Ender Chests are also another great way of protecting your items, as only you can access them.

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