We know not all players like to combat other players. You can enable, or disable PVP by doing the command /pvp. When enabled, you can attack other players, and they can attack you. When disabled, you can’t attack other players, and they can’t attack you. If another player does not have PVP enabled, you will not be able to attack them.

Are my animals protected?
Yes! When you enable /pvp it also includes your tamed animals from being killed by other players.

Why do I have to wait to disable my PVP?
You will not be able to turn off PVP for 5 seconds once you have enabled it, or whilst in combat. This stops unfair combat for players who do enjoy PVP.

How to join?

To play on our server you must be in our Discord Server. This is where announcements, and updates will be posted along with where our community communicates. In order to play on the TogetherCraft server you must fill out a Newcomer application in the #how-to-join-faq channel on Discord.
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