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A handy guide for anyone starting their journey with TogetherCraft.

πŸ“‹ How to Join TogetherCraft

TogetherCraft is a whitelisted server. This means that to be able to join our server, you need to be approved by our Admin team. The process is quick and easy and helps us get to know you a little bit better. There are no wrong answers, so please be truthful in your application.

When you have joined our Discord server, make sure you read the #how-to-join-faq channel which details how to join, and apply for our community. Once your application has been approved by our Admin team, you can then join TogetherCraft. You must apply to join our community. To play on our server you must be in our Discord Server.

πŸ”—Link Your Account To Discord

Before being able to join our server, you will need to link your Minecraft account, and Discord account together.

Firstly, you need to add TogetherCraft to your Multiplayer list.

  • Click the β€œMultiplayer” button
  • Click β€œAdd Server” button
  • In the Server Name box, type TogetherCraft
  • In the server address box type
  • Press β€œDone” to save
Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft

You shall then be prompted with this notification, instructing you how to link your account.

TogetherCraft - Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server

Send the 4 digit code to β€œLink-Bot” on the TogetherCraft discord server, this shall link your account.

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If successful, the bot shall respond with β€œYour Discord account has been linked to”. Once completed, your Minecraft, and Discord account shall now be linked. When your application has been accepted, and you have linked your account successfully, then you shall be able to join!

If you’re unable to message Link-Bot, then make sure you allow direct messages from the TogetherCraft Discord. To do this, go to the drop down arrow next to “TogetherCraft” in the top left on Discord > Privacy Settings > Direct Messages.


Below is some of our most frequently asked questions when trying to join TogetherCraft. If you still need support then message Modmail, so a staff member can help.

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πŸš€ Exploring our World

Our world is semi-vanilla, which means that we do not have any commands to explore our world. Our community has lots of ways to get around without the use of commands though!

  • Walk. You can use those legs, and walk or sprint around the map.
  • Ride. You can ride a horse, donkey or another player.
  • Sail. Craft a wooden boat, and sail the seas!
  • Nether. Every district has a nether hub which ensures a fast, and quick way to get around our world! Probably one of the fastest local ways to get around.
  • Portals. In the Capitol, we have district portals which can shoot you across the map to any district. Sometimes a district is near to where you would like to visit, and can be a fast solution to get around easily.
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⛏️ Claiming Land

There is no limits to what you can build, but please be respectful of other players. Some players may not like having skyscrapers outside their windows. Do not build within 100 blocks of another players land claim without their permission. This gives you both enough space to be limitless in your creativity. All TogetherCraft district hubs are protected by grief prevention. Outside of the hub areas, you are free to build as you like.

How do I claim land?
Land is free to claim! Claiming land is as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Find the land/space you like.
  2. Claim out your land by simply placing a sign, fence or wall.
  3. Place a sign in your new claimed area, so everyone knows it’s yours.

As mentioned before, just ensure you are 100 blocks from another player! This will allow you both room to grow.

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🌍 Resource World

The Resource World is the perfect place to collect materials for your projects. Want to empty the world of sand? Go for it! Want to dig up all the grass? Knock yourself out. Our Resource World is a way to preserve the beauty of our Survival World, and we encourage all players to go there when gathering materials in bulk.

The Resource World comes with a few simple rules:

  1. Do not grief the spawn area
  2. Do not take items that do not belong to you
  3. Only public food farms are allowed.
  4. Do not build a home in the Resource World

The Resource World is a separate world to our Survival World, but is super easy to get to. The portal to the Resource World located in the South of the Capitol. Just like Survival, the Resource World is set to HARD Difficulty. This means mobs will spawn, you will take damage, and you can die.

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⛩️ Districts

Districts are a fun way for you to add a little role play, discover new build styles, and encourage you to try something new. Whether you enjoy building medieval castles, egyptian pyramids, roman colosseums, or your very own map art! We have a district for everyone. And if we don’t we always have plenty of Free Build districts where you can build anything you can imagine.

Minecraft spawn area

πŸ’­ How do I choose a District?

Choosing a district is very simple. If you do the /district command in-game, a menu will pop open where you can select the district that suits you best. If you hover your mouse over each district, you will see more information for each district including its biome, theme, and world co-ordinates. We ask that all players select a district, so we know where to find you to deliver cake.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Where do I find the Districts?

All districts are linked via portals, found within the Capitol. Each building around the edge of the Capitol has been designed to match the theme of the district. To enter the district, simply walk through the portal. These portals work 2 ways, so you can easily come back to the Capitol if you change your mind.

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πŸ”’[Private] Signs

Private signs on TogetherCraft are a useful feature to protect your valuable items, and builds from unwanted access. You can place a [Private] sign on chests, barrels, doors, trapdoors, fence gates, furnaces, and other containers which you would like to restrict access to.

To create a [Private] sign, simply hold a sign in your hand and attach it to the item you would like to protect. If successful, then [Private] will appear on the first line of the sign followed by your username on the second line.

If you do not want to create a [Private] sign, then shift + right click when placing the sign.

The tag [Redstone] grants hoppers access to the container, and allows redstone signal to open doors.

The tag [Timer:X], where X is a number from 0 to 9. Doors will close automatically after the specified amount of seconds.

The tag [Everyone] grants everyone access to the protection.

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🧭 Quests

Quests are a fun and challenging way of exploring our world, getting creative, and obtaining rewards. From placing blocks, building beautiful trees, or slaying a warden in the deep dark! With hundreds of custom quests to complete, we have something for everyone.

πŸ“ Commands:

  • /quests – Start a new quest
  • /quests started – This will show you the quests started
  • /quests cancel – Cancel a quest
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βš”οΈ PVP

We know not all players like to combat other players. You can enable, or disable PVP by doing the /pvp command. When enabled, you can attack other players, and they can attack you. When disabled, you can’t attack other players, and they can’t attack you. If another player does not have PVP enabled, you will not be able to attack them.

πŸ“ Commands:

  • /pvp – Enable / Disable PVP
Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft

⬆️ [Elevator] Signs

Elevator signs are a great way to travel across multiple Y levels in our world. They are super easy to use and don’t require any confusing or complicated redstone. All you need is 2 wooden signs!

To make a Elevator, you shall need to have Explorer or Gold rank. Then, simply place a sign with the text [Elevator] on the top line. Then create another sign directly above or below the first sign, on a different Y level with the same text. You will then be able to teleport up and down. Right click the sign to go up, and shift and right click to go down.

If you place [*] on the second line of an [Elevator] Sign, players using it will get teleported in front of the sign instead of keeping players X and Z coordinates.

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βœ… Voting

Voting for the TogetherCraft server provides us with a way to reach new players. Your vote helps us climb the server rankings, making it easier for other Minecraft enthusiasts to discover and join our server.

We value your support, and that’s why we offer random rewards for those who vote. To vote you need to go to the official TogetherCraft Vote page. From there, select any of the external sites. Then simply add your in-game name, complete the Captcha, and vote!

Your vote makes a difference, so thank you for being a vital part of TogetherCraft!

πŸ“ Commands:

  • /vote – Link to website vote page
  • /votepoints – View vote points
  • /voteshop – Trade vote points for rewards

πŸ›‘οΈ Ranks & Commands

All players start as aΒ NewcomerΒ when they join the server. You can find out more aboutΒ voting, and view our list of Vote pagesΒ here. You can check your Vote Points at any time using the command /votepoints. When you have accumulated enough points you can use the /rankup command to trade your points for a new rank. If you would like to support the community, you can also buy a Patron Rank from our store here. Vote points may also be used for other in-game items. You can view our Vote Shop by the /voteshop command.

πŸ’š Vote Ranks

πŸ’› Patron Ranks

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🎯 Gaming District

The Gaming District is home to many fun and exciting games! All of our games here have been built by you, the community! Whether you are looking to try out your skills on a parkour, escape the Ravager Run, or try your luck at the Treasure Island. With so many games, you’ll be sure to have hours of fun! The Gaming District can be accessed via the Capitol. Only those with the Member rank can access the Gaming District.

πŸ“– How do I create my own game?

Setting up your own game is simple, and free to do. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll have your game up and running in no time.

  1. Claim plot of land in one of our coloured zones.
  2. Start building! You don’t need to be 100 blocks from another player, but be respectful of others.
  3. Add a “How to Play book”. It is important that others understand how your game works. Include costs, rules, & how to play.
  4. Add some signage! Add that finishing touch, so everyone knows it’s yours.

That’s it! Whilst there is no limitation to the size of land you claim, we ask you only claim what you think you will need. You may charge players diamonds to play your game, however you must keep games fair and equal to everyone. Make sure you finish one game, before you start another.

πŸ“‹ Game Checklist

We know creating your new game can be very exciting. Below is a list of things to check to ensure your new game has the best start!

  • βœ… A space for players to empty their inventory. Include barrels and chests
  • βœ… Beds and checkpoints, should players die in your game
  • βœ… Ender Chest
  • βœ… Rule Book
  • βœ… Clear Pricing
  • βœ… Owner Sign
  • βœ… Advertise your game in the #gaming channel on Discord
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🏑 Creative Server

TogetherCraft has it’s very own Creative server! Our Creative server is a place where you can build awesome things together. Players with Member rank, and above can use the /creative command to access our creative server.

πŸ“ Commands:

  • /plot claim – Claim the plot you are standing on
  • /plot auto – Claim the nearest plot
  • /plot sethome – Set the plot home you’re standing on
  • /plot home – Teleport to your claimed plot
  • /plot add [PlayerName] – Allow a user to build in a plot while the plot owner is online
  • /plot trust [PlayerName]– Allow a user to build in a plot while the plot owner is offline
  • /plot remove [PlayerName] – Remove a player from a plot
  • /plot deny [PlayerName] – Deny a user from entering a plot
  • /plot kick [PlayerName] – Kick a player from your plot
  • /plot merge – Merge the plot you are standing on with another plot
  • /plot unlink – Unlink a merged plot
  • /plot middle – Teleports you to the center of the plot
  • /plot delete – Delete the plot you stand on
  • /plot clear – Clear the plot you stand on
  • /plot download – Download your plot to a schematic file
  • /plot visit [PlayerName] – Visit another players plot
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πŸ’‘ Features, Tweaks and QoL

Coming soon.

How to join?

To play on our server you must be in our Discord Server. This is where announcements, and updates will be posted along with where our community communicates. In order to play on the TogetherCraft server you must fill out a Newcomer application in the #how-to-join-faq channel on Discord.
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Want to join the fun?

Launch Minecraft: Java Edition and press the Multiplayer button. Click on theΒ Add ServerΒ button, and enter the server IP below.

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