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Street Tombola

25th June - 28th June
TogetherCraft Survival

Hey everyone! We have a very exciting extra event this week… Street Tombola! This is being hosted in the Shopping District, and anyone who is a Member or above is welcome to join the fun. How would you like to win 18 shulker boxes of items for 1 diamond block?

What is a Street Tombola?

Street Tombola is a little twist on the silent auction. On each street in the Shopping District there are coloured shulker boxes representing that streets colour. What’s inside this shulker box is a mystery! It could be monthly keys, legendary tools, or even just dirt.. Nobody knows! To be able to win the contents of the shulker box, you need to enter the Tombola.

How do I enter the Street Tombola?

At the entrance of the Shopping District you will be able to find Street Tombola Tim! To enter, you simply need to use an anvil and place your name on a diamond block. Place the diamond block with your name into the chest next to Tim. You only need to pay 1 diamond block with your name to enter every street colour. So, 1 diamond block shall enter you into every coloured street. Do not enter your name more than once, as it shall only be counted once.

How are winners chosen?

On Friday 28th June at 8pm UTC, winners shall be chosen at random LIVE on Twitch! They shall also be announced on Discord for those who miss the stream. Good luck everyone!

25th June
28th June
TogetherCraft Survival
Join the /survival server to participate!


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