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We want everyone to have fun! After all, playing games is meant for escaping the real world, if only for a little while. We strive to create a fun, friendly, and inclusive Minecraft community.

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TogetherCraft is an adult Minecraft server that offers a friendly, fun, and inclusive environment. It is the perfect place to relax after a day at work or school. We aim to offer a true-to-game experience, adding a few quality of life tweaks. We are driven to provide a friendly, engaging and fair Minecraft community. Our server is intended to be a place to chill alone or with your friends.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft

― Whitelist Minecraft Server

Protected from
grief & theft

We are a whitelist server. This prevents grief, and keeps the community safe. The process to join is quick and easy, and helps us get to know you a little bit better.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Events

― Super Friendly Community

Create new

Our friendly, helpful and active community will make you feel at home from day one. We welcome players from all around the world.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Hardcore Server

― Toggleable PVP

Fight on
your terms

Don’t like to fight? No problem! Toggle your PVP status anytime. When your PVP is disabled, you and your tamed pets are safe. Even when not online!


Unleash the power of custom features, immersive gameplay, and a vibrant community. From unique experiences to engaging events, our server promises an unparalleled adventure. Join us and explore a world where every block holds exciting possibilities. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Weekly Events

Guaranteed Regular Fun

Events, activities, and projects is what keeps us all together!


Zero Lag

We use the latest hardware to ensure peak performance, and a lag free experience.


Discover more

Over 900 quests! There is always something to craft, explore or do!


Perfect survival economy

The shopping district economy is strictly based on diamonds.

Resource World

Plenty of Materials

With a seperate world for gathering materials, there is plenty for everyone!

Quality of Life


Ever wanted double barrels? Maybe lava sponges? We have those!

Player Shops

Sell your items

Create, and design your own shop! Sell any item you want.

No Grief

Build in peace

Build in peace knowing that your items, valuables, and builds are safe all the time.

World Map

No more getting lost

Find where you, and your friends are with our handy online map!

Approved By Mojang & GamerSafer

Committed To A Safe Online Environment

TogetherCraft is on the Official Minecraft Server List. Our community has been reviewed by GamerSafer, and the Mojang Enforcement team and are found to comply with the Minecraft Usage Guidelines. We strive to provide an inclusive, friendly, and fair community for everyone.


What’s Happening?

Our Latest Events

Pirate Panic

14th April @ 7:00 pm8:00 pm UTC+0

Sunday is the perfect day to take Rosie’s yacht for a spin around the world! Beautiful sunshine, tasty food, excellent wine, and good friends of course. Whilst enjoying our mini […]

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Den Dash

13th April @ 7:00 pm8:00 pm UTC+0

Whilst out hiking you found a really adorable baby fox with the fuzziest face! In total awe you followed them all the way home, as you were hypnotized by their […]

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TogetherCraft - Adult Minecraft Server

Farmers Feud

13th April @ 11:00 am12:00 pm UTC+0

It looks like Timmy has been expanding their wheat field, and has caught the attention of their neighbour Jimmy! These 2 are always fighting over who has the biggest fields. […]

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King Crush

7th April @ 7:00 pm7:30 pm UTC+0

The people of Aramoor need your help! An evil crusader has just killed the King, and declared themselves the new King of Aramoor. They attacked with thousands of men, which […]

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Sheep Smash

6th April @ 7:00 pm7:30 pm UTC+0

Farmers have been swapping their sheep for grass, as it now more profitable than wool. 4 local farmers have let the sheep that they used to own roam wild, and […]

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OUR community!

Don’t take our word for it! Check out our latest reviews by community members below. They are excited to meet you!

Creating memories

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 2, 2024

My 2-year anniversary in TC is coming up, and honestly it feels a bit odd that it hasn’t been longer. The community that makes this server isn’t just random people playing an online game, it’s friends and family creating memories together. We get to know each other on a personal level and help each other out, no matter if someone’s in trouble in a raid or if just stuck on a project.

I don’t know what our server creator had in mind when naming the server but when you’re a part of the community that TogetherCraft is, you can *feel* what it means.


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