General Rules

These are the rules and guidelines that every player on TogetherCraft must follow. They are made to ensure a friendly and enjoyable multiplayer experience for everyone.

1. Treat others, as you would like to be treated. Aggressive, malicious and deceitful behaviour is not tolerated. Be responsible. Treat everyone with respect and keep an appropriate behavior.

2. Cyberbullying and discrimination toward others in any form is absolutely not tolerated. Don’t scam, troll, or grief other players.

3. Cheating, hacking, exploiting bugs, and taking unfair advantage is forbidden. Having multiple accounts (alts) on the server is not allowed. If you find hackers or bugs, please report them as soon as possible to our staff team.

4. Advertising other Minecraft servers, websites, or other commercial products in any form is forbidden.

5. No rules lawyering — if your excuse for bad behaviour, is that it wasn’t specifically outlined in these rules, you will still be punished. Forging false proof or framing will double your punishment. Helping or keeping the secrets of rule breakers is punishable, and so is trying to get someone into trouble.

TogetherCraft Rules

The punishments listed here are merely guidelines. In-game, the exact punishments might be different depending on the case. Staff are authorized to base their punishments on their good judgment. By connecting to TogetherCraft, you agree to all of the rules below.

1. Respect Everyone

We encourage players to communicate in the English language at all times. This is to ensure ease of communication on public chat and prevent vulgarity in non-English languages. However, you may communicate in any language when using /msg or /party chat.

1.1 Usage of slurs and derogatory terms; whether it be racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious; is NOT tolerated. No amount of reasoning — absolutely none — will excuse. This is no place for bigotry.

1.2 Be polite and show respect to others. We play on TogetherCraft to have fun, and being disrespectful is never fun for anyone.

1.3 If you have an issue with another player, use /ignore to stop seeing their messages on the server.

1.4 No chat trolling.

1.5 No spamming or flooding chat. Don’t repeat yourself or use CAPS LOCK.

1.6 Do not impersonate anyone, especially other players and staff members.

1.7 No fancy text or glitch characters. Not only are they unpleasant to see on in-game chat, but they are also incompatible for narration.

1.8 Do not beg for items, ranks, or any other benefit. Just play the game and earn it yourself.

1.9 Drama, politics and religion in chat is not allowed.

1.10 Do not harass other players, or be a creep. 

1.11 Threatening others is not tolerated. Doxxing, blackmailing, and extortion will be taken seriously. Threatening the server and its security will also be taken very seriously by the staff team.

1.12 Do not argue with or harass staff. They work hard to keep the server running smoothly.

1.13 Do not joke or talk about self-harm.

1.14 Moderate swearing is allowed. Please keep the chat friendly and harmless for all ages.

1.15 Do not advertise or mention other servers, social media accounts, or any other goods or services.

2. Griefing, Theft & Claiming Land

Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people through the use of destruction or construction. To claim land or an area where you would like to build, simply add a sign, fence or wall with your name.

2.1 Do not build within 100 blocks of another players land claim without their permission.

2.2 Do not modify / remove another players claim or build that does not belong to you.

2.3 Do not take any items from a chest, build, furnace, shulker etc. without the permission of the owner. Do not take anything that does not belong to you! Unless, the chest says “Free Items” or “Community Chest” then don’t take anything.

2.4 Do not loot another players death location. 

2.5 No offensive or overly sexualized builds. 

2.6 Public areas should be accessible to all players. Claims may be removed if they’re found to be obstructing a public area without notice.

2.7 If a player asks you to leave their claim/area, you must leave.  

2.8 Do not force yourself into builds with locked doors. All private areas must have the doors privated with a sign.

2.9 Do not make 1×1 pillars or 1×1 holes to bedrock. They are ugly! If you do happen to make one, then remove it afterwards.

2.10 Any land that is claimed, and not built on within 14 days will be forfeited.

2.11 Land is free to claim, and cannot be sold to other players. This includes any claimed land, including farms.

3. Farms & Redstone

Redstone is an important part of the game, and we encourage players to build awesome redstone devices! However, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

3.1 Redstone devices must have a way to be disabled. Usually this is done by adding a clearly marked ON/OFF switch that the Admin Team can use to disable your redstone device if it becomes necessary.

3.2 Any form of lag machine is not allowed.

3.3 Zero tick farms are not allowed. In addition to being an unnecessary source of frame lag (high frequency, crazy pistons), we also consider these to be a game exploit (items are generated far faster than they would be under normal conditions).

3.4 Try to make your redstone farms look good!

3.5 Hoppers must be emptied. Your design must ensure that hoppers do not stay full. Full hoppers can cause lag. Please ensure your chests are emptied, and hoppers are able to transfer items.

3.6 Do not try, and bypass the redstone limits. We often find that when a certain chunk is causing lag issues, it’s often because there are too many hoppers, or there is a redstone clock that is firing every tick. We have the following redstone limits per chunk:

  • Hoppers: 30
  • Pistons: 30
  • Observers: 30
  • Sticky Pistons: 30
  • Repeater: 30
  • Comparator: 30
  • Spawner: 1

3.7 Respect the entity limit. No mob and entity spamming.  If this limit is breached your entities may begin to de-spawn and will not be recovered by the Admin Team. If this limit is breached maliciously or with bad intent you may be banned.

3.8 Shulker farms are not allowed.

3.9 If you plan to build a Wither Rose farm, then please do not build it on the main End island. 

3.10 Fish farms using note blocks or wooden trapdoors are not allowed.

3.11 Using programs or mechanics to gain a game advantage while AFK is prohibited.

4. Cheating, Bugs, and Exploits

Cheating is not permitted. Any modifications to the vanilla version of Minecraft game or resource packs that gives the player an unfair advantage are not allowed. This includes XRay resource packs. If you are discovered to be using a cheat, you will receive a higher punishment up to and including bans. Hacking in any shape is absolutely not allowed. No exceptions.

4.1 Do not take advantage of exploits. If you have found an exploit, then please report it to Admin Team.

4.2 Do not evade or make attempts to bypass punishments.

4.3 Bypassing your mute by using /me or chatting live from the Discord server will double your mute. If bypassed from Discord, you will also be muted there.

4.4 If it’s a server-side or Mojang-side bug, do not abuse it. Report it to the Admin Team.

4.5 Do not dupe any item or blocks.

4.6 Modded clients that give you unfair advantages are strictly forbidden. Printer,  and autobuilding mods are not allowed. These are the ONLY allowed mods:

  • Optifine, Sodium, and other FPS-enhancing mods
  • Shaders
  • Shulkerbox tool tips
  • Xaero’s Minimap and Worldmap
  • Litematica (EasyPlace Mode is not allowed)
  • Replay mod

If caught, even if you’re not using any game-changing modifications, you will be banned. 

4.7 Do not submit fake evidence. Submitting fake evidence will result in a permanent ban from our server.

4.8 Auto-clickers are not allowed.

5. Shopping District & Economy

You must have the Member rank or above to enter the Shopping district. All players are only allowed 2 marked shop plots of 15 x 15 blocks. All plots are already marked. Also, take a look at our Shopping District Guide. The server currency is diamonds.

5.1 All shop owners must make it clear what they are selling, and the price. Give your shop a name, so others can easily find it. All shops must have a sign within their plot with the shop name, and shop owner name.

5.2 Only 2 shops / plots per player. No co-owned or shared shops. You cannot merge 2 plots together, and are allowed only one shop per plot.

5.3 Do not build outside of your marked shop plot. All plots sizes are 15 x 15. Do not build your shop higher or lower than 20 blocks from the ground level. Your shop must be contained within your plot. Any blocks, overhang or decoration outside of your plot will be trimmed without warning. Do not create your own shop plots.

5.4 All shops must be original, and themed. No general stores or pop-up shops, which try to sell every item quickly! The items in your shop must fit the shop theme. You can find examples of themes in our Shopping District Guide.

5.5 Shop plots are free to claim. Do not claim 2 plots at once. You must stock, and finish building your first shop before claiming your second plot.

5.6 You must finish building, and stock your shop within 14 days. If you do not complete your build within 14 days, then you shall lose your claim to the plot. This may include complete removal, and you will not be reimbursed the materials or items.

5.7 Respect the market value of items in the Price Index. The prices within this index are the minimum, that of which you can sell an item for in our world. You can sell items for a higher price than what is listed within our Price Index, but you can’t sell items for less. This is to ensure a fair economy for everyone.

5.8 Do not steal or remove any items, which you can’t pay for.

5.9 To ensure a smooth shopping experience for everyone, we have the following limits per shop below. Exceptions can be made, if approved by modmail. We ask that shop owners do their best to limit entities where possible.

  • Armor Stands: 2
  • Item Frames: 15

5.10 The following are not allowed in the shopping district:

  • Mobs
  • Villagers
  • Nether Portals
  • Beacons
  • Farms

5.11 Do not modify or edit other players shops.

5.12 Shops which are empty or not stocked for 14 days, shall be removed without warning or auctioned. Players who are inactive for 45 days will have their shops removed without warning or auctioned. This may include complete removal, and you will not be reimbursed the materials or items.

5.14 Try your best to make your shop look good. Ugly shops do not make diamonds.

5.15 Do not build shops outside of the Shopping District.

5.16 You are not allowed to sell your shop/s.

6. Gaming District

You must have the Member rank or above to enter the Gaming district.

6.1 Do not steal or remove any items, which do not belong to you. 

6.2 Do not modify or edit other players games.

6.3 Do not leave redstone uncovered, and make your games look presentable.

6.4 Try and finish your game, as soon as possible. Any unfinished games will be removed without warning after 60 days.

6.5 Players who are inactive for 60 days or more, will have their games removed without warning or auctioned.

6.6 All game owners must make their pricing clear, and provide a guide with rules.

6.7 All games not in the Gaming district, must be free to play. You can only request diamonds for games in the gaming district.

7. The End

The End is a valuable part of any server.

7.1 Do not grief End Cities. Do not destroy chests, or remove ender chests.

7.2 Do not grief the Main Island.

8. Accounts & Inactivity

Do not share your personal information anywhere online. Even to your closest online friends. This is for your digital and physical safety.

8.1 You are only allowed to have one account. This means you are not allowed to have alt accounts.

8.2 Players who are inactive for more than 90 days within a district will lose claim to any land, or builds. This can include complete removal. If another player wishes to build on an expired claim, then they must do so through ModMail. Any self-claiming will be considered as theft, and the appropriate punishment will be given.

8.3 Players who are inactive for more than 60 days, will have their shops removed or auctioned to other players.

8.4 Players who we believe are not a good fit within our community will be removed.

Can’t find something? Ask a member of the Admin Team. We reserve the right to change our rules at any time.

How to join?

To play on our server you must be in our Discord Server. This is where announcements, and updates will be posted along with where our community communicates. In order to play on the TogetherCraft server you must fill out a Newcomer application in the #how-to-join-faq channel on Discord.
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