Minecraft Java Edition 1.20.6: A Hotfix for Explorers

Calling all Minecraft miners! Mojang snuck in one last update for April with the release of Minecraft Java Edition 1.20.6. Don’t get too excited though, this isn’t a content patch filled with new features. Instead, 1.20.6 is a hotfix designed to address some critical issues that appeared in the previous update, 1.20.5, also known as the “Armored Paws” drop.

Keeping Your Llamas Safe

The biggest fix in 1.20.6 concerns world upgrades for worlds that include traveling merchant llamas carrying items. A bug in 1.20.5 caused issues during these upgrades, potentially leading to lost items. This hotfix ensures your furry friends and their goods make it through the update process safely.

Extra Protection Against Malicious Names

The update also includes some additional protection against invalid custom names for block entities. This technical jargon essentially means the game will be better at preventing crashes caused by weird or nonsensical names assigned to in-game objects.

Not a Big Update, But an Important One

While 1.20.6 might not be bursting with new content, it’s a crucial update for maintaining a smooth and stable Minecraft experience. By patching these bugs, Mojang is ensuring your worlds and items stay safe.

So, how do you get this update? The beauty of Minecraft Java Edition is that updates are usually automatic. Just launch the game, and it should download and install 1.20.6 before you even dig into your first block.

Happy (and bug-free) mining!

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