1.18.2 Update

Hey everyone! It is finally safe to update to the 1.18.2 update. This update doesn’t add anything new to the game, but is more focused on fixing over 100 bugs.

Important 1.18.2 changes

  • Ender Chest – No longer gift wrapped around Christmas. (This change is very welcomed personally!)
  • Glow Squids – Now require complete darkness to spawn.
  • Tropical Fish – Now only spawn if the block above is a full water block.

As you know, when we update… we UPDATE! Well this update shall be a very exciting update for us, as a community. I have been working hard on some bits in the background, and we have some very exciting NEW Additions we shall be adding to TogetherCraft!

What are these new additions?
You know, I don’t like to ruin surprises… So, you will have to wait, and see!

What happens now?
On Wednesday 23rd March at 10am UTC, the server will not be accessible due to maintenance. My goal is to be updated by 5pm UTC, however I can’t confirm this time. As soon as everything is updated, we shall announce it on Discord!

I would like to thank you all your continued support, and for making TogetherCraft your Minecraft home. Have a great weekend!

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