1.18 is here!

Hey everyone! This is the announcement you have all been waiting for. What have we been doing? Well lets just say, it has been a week fueled by Red Bull. We are so excited to share this 1.18 update with you all! Not only do we have the awesome new caves, and cliffs… we also have made some changes to ensure a long life world together.

The Capitol!
We are sad to announce that the old nether main hub will be refurbished, and removed. Instead, we excitingly now have The Capitol! The Capitol, is now our new main hub. It is the centre of our world, where we can all be connected together. From the capitol, you can connect to all of the districts in our world. Hub Tokens will become obsolete in the future, but you are able to trade Hub Tokens for Capitol Tokens until 31st January in the courtyard area outside the Town Hall.

NEW Districts & District Names!
We have decided to move away from “Fantasy”, “Free Build” etc being our district choices! Instead we have given the districts actual names. This means that no longer are you a member of “Roman”, but instead you are a member of Alexandria! The idea is that this will bring district communities closer together, as you are now building for your home district instead of by yourself. Of course, you can still play alone! But this is TogetherCraft after all. Each district is still themed, but now with a fancy name!

We have some very exciting new districts too! Which means you all now have more choice of where to build your dream home. Check out the names & districts below:

AlphaCity – City
Merkuyu Jungle – Jungle
Aramoor – Medieval
Eldersprings – Fantasy
Xuyang – Oriental
Thonis – Egyptian
Alexandria – Roman
Promethium – Sci-Fi
Wideridge – Old West
Oceanside – Oceanic
Wintervale – Arctic
Avalon – Free Build
CopperHeights – Steampunk
Stonefall – Undergrounders
Kattegat – Vikings
Puddington – Candy Land
Hyperion – Mars
Easelton – Map Art
Primerock – Prehistoric
Blossomhill – Flower
Shroomshire – Free Build
Northridge – North Outskirts (Free Build)
Easthampton – East Outskirts (Free Build)
Southshire – South Outskirts (Free Build)
Westlington – West Outskirts (Free Build)

Use the /district command to update your district to your new district name!

NEW Map Art district!
We now have a map art district, where you can create your beautiful maps.

NEW Vote Ranks!
A few of you have been with us since the beginning, and it is time we added some new ranks for you to aspire to. All these new ranks have some very exciting perks too! Introducing: Pioneer, Engineer, Champion, and Elder!

You can find out more about these ranks, and their perks on our website shortly: https://togethercraft.online/vote/

The previous world map we had, always felt outdated, and complicated to use! We have freshened up the map UI, so it is much simpler, cleaner and mobile friendly for everyone to use. You can now also right click the map to get coords!

New Craftables!
Powder to Glass – Smelt all colours of Concrete Powder into their respective Stained Glass colour.
Blackstone Cobblestone – Craft all items that require Cobblestone, using Blackstone.
Rooted Dirt – Craft 8 dirt with 1 hanging root into 8 rooted dirt.

Silk Touch Amethyst!
How great would it be to silk touch Amethyst? We now you can! Budding Amethyst can be mined with a Silk Touch. Tool must be Diamond tier or above.

Lava Sponges!
Did you read that correctly? Yes, you did! I done it. You can now use sponges to “soak up” lava. Don’t ask me about the science behind it, just know that is works!

Apiarist Suit
Accidentally tapping a bee gets you a whole mess of angry bees, and angry bees turn into dead bees pretty quickly. Wearing full chain armour protects you from their vicious stings and calms them down.

/duraping is back!
The durability ping command is back! This means that you can now change your settings for when you have items with low durability. Do /duraping in game to change your settings to your liking.

20% off Store SALE!
To celebrate the launch of 1.18.1, we shall be offering 20% off everything in the store until Sunday 16th January!

Bugs, and glitches are bound to happen when 1.18 is still new to developers. So, if you do find a bug or a glitch… please message ModMail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for being so patient! You will be able to join the server from 7pm UTC Today. I would use this short time to update your launchers, and mods to 1.18.1 ready for the launch. See you all soon!

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