1.19 Sneaky Peaky

Looks like you all finally made it to 60 reactions without the @everyone tag. So, I guess it is time to reveal ONE new feature we shall be adding to the 1.19 update!

We shall be introducing a RESOURCE WORLD! Yes, we shall finally have our own separate world from Survival which you can ravage for resources to your heart’s content. Want to empty the world of sand? Go for it! Want to dig up all the grass? Knock yourself out. This world shall be for resource gathering only. You can’t build in this world, as it shall be reset once a month to keep it super fresh with plenty of resources.

Want to hear about another NEW feature we shall be adding to 1.19? If the post on discord gets 200 reactions, I shall reveal another feature! You have LordSkitter to thank for the 200 target.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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