1.20.2 Is Here!

Hey everyone! This is the announcement that you all have been waiting for! What have I been up to? How dare I stop you from playing your favourite block game, and make you socialise with others. Well listen up! The entire network has been updated to 1.20.2, so make sure you have the correct launcher, and mods installed. Now, time to share the new stuff with you all.


The Resource World, and Resource Nether have been refreshed so there is plenty of new chunks for you all to explore and go dig up. You might even find some of that new 1.20.2 diamond ore generation.


We all want the new sherds, and decorated pots to make our homes look nicer, therefore you can now craft sherds! Simply place 1 Pottery Sherd in a crafting table with 1 Diamond and 7 Bricks to duplicate the sherd pattern.


We all know Trottlodyte has wanted this for so long, so I am excited to announce that you can now craft lily pads! Simply place 4 Big Dripleaf, 4 Vines, and 1 String into a crafting table to create 4 lily pads.


Bugs, and glitches are bound to happen when 1.20.2 is still new to developers. If you do find a bug or a glitch, please message ModMail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible. We are very excited to welcome you back online! Thank you all for being so patient. You shall be able to join from 7pm UTC today, so get your launchers updated! See you all soon!

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