1.20.4 is here!

Hey everyone! This is the announcement that you have all been waiting for. What have we been up to? How dare we make you speak to other humans! Well listen up. The entire TogetherCraft network has been updated to 1.20.4, so make sure that you have updated your mods, shaders, and launchers.


The Resource World, and Resource Nether have been refreshed so there is plenty of new chunks for you all to explore and go dig up! We have also created a NEW spawn area for the resource world. It is now a little bit bigger, and will mean you won’t fall down any holes as soon as you enter!


Now when you break a beehive, it shall have the honey levels, and the amount of bees inside added as lore.


As many of you know, the loot crates on the Survival server all refresh periodically during a random period of time. However, we do get the occasional Newcomer join who don’t read the guide! Therefore, now when you try to break a loot chest you will need to SNEAK to break it! If you try to break it without sneaking you well get a warning reminding you that loot crates refresh.


Bugs, and glitches are bound to happen when 1.20.4 is still new to developers. If you do find a bug or a glitch, please message ModMail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

We are very excited to welcome you back online! Thank you all for being so patient. See you all soon!

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