2 weeks until Hardcore!

It is only 2 weeks until our very first Minecraft Hardcore season launches! Is @everyone ready? How long do you think you will last? The world in hardcore is extra hard, and when you die… You are out! Gone. Not even to spectate! Choose how you will live your one life carefully.

More details shall be revealed soon! But, not too soon. 😉 We plan to launch the Hardcore Season on Wednesday 1st June 7pm UTC. You will be able to access the world from the Lobby, and with the command /hardcore. The hardcore season will only be accessible by Explorer, and above. This means that those who would like to join, and currently aren’t Explorer or above have enough time to /rankup. Donator ranks who are Gold, and above will also be able to join.

Just a polite reminder, and to squash any drama. This will be an EXTRA addition to our community. The survival, and creative world will stay exactly the same.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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