2 Years Together

Happy 2nd Birthday everyone! Where has the time gone? I would like to thank you all for an amazing 2 years together! We have had so much fun, laughter, and created lots of memories in such a small time. I am very proud of what we have all achieved together, and I never thought that our small community of just 18 players at the time could turn into one of the best Survival communities in the world! You are all what makes TogetherCraft such an awesome place to play Minecraft. You! You can create a minecraft server, even copy what we have created, but you can never replicate our community. It makes me feel great knowing how we have all grown together. Some of you were too shy to talk, now we can’t keep quiet! Some of you who have never done redstone before, now can create sorting systems. Some of you who were lonely, now have new long terms friends. My ambition has always been to provide the best community possible for those who join! But, to be honest…. you all provide the best community for those who join! Together we make TogetherCraft. I can’ thank you enough for an incredible 2 years together, and I am really excited to see what we create together in future years to come! You aren’t just strangers online…. you are TogetherCraft family.

There is also currently a 30% OFF SALE on everything in the store until Tuesday 7th February at 1am UTC.

Thank you all for an amazing second year together! Have an incredible day.

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