3 Years Together!

Happy 3rd birthday everyone!

I honestly can’t thank you all enough for helping us achieve this milestone together. Thank you all for an incredible 3 years of crafting, fun, and also friendship! We have built so many exciting things together, but more importantly created memories which shall last forever. I am so proud of everything that we have all achieved. You are the finest Minecraft players in the world, and I am so pleased to have you all here. You are all what makes TogetherCraft such an awesome place to play Minecraft. YOU!

You can create a minecraft server, even copy what we have created, but you can never replicate our community. Together we make TogetherCraft. I am really excited to see what we create in future years to come! You aren’t just strangers online…. you are TogetherCraft family.

Join us at 7pm UTC to celebrate TogetherCraft’s 3rd Birthday! There shall be cake, rewards, souvenirs, birthday traders, games, and lots of fun!

Thank you all for an amazing 3rd year together! Have an awesome rest of the week.

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