Chicken Run

Farmer Sampson needs your help again! Due to the great weather, they decided to open their farm to the public for fresh strawberry picking. Whilst everyone was enjoying themselves picking strawberries, a few youngsters decided to venture off into the barn to see the animals. As you can imagine, the youngsters had a great time petting Betsy the cow. But, when they were called back to their parents…. they left the animal pens open!

The animals are now roaming around freely inside the barn, and Farmer Sampson needs your help to get them back into their pens. Farmer Sampson has split the barn up into 2 teams to capture the animals quicker. Using only a fishing rod, you must hook the animals, and place them back into their pens! You have 15 minutes to collect as many animals as possible.

The team with the most animals at the end… Wins! The other team are a little sneaky, so make sure they don’t try and hook your animals from your pens.

Event: Chicken Run
Event Date: Sunday 30th May – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join!

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