Christmas Village Opens Today

We shall be opening the Christmas Village on Thursday 1st December at 7pm UTC. This area is open to everyone! This is an exciting chance to have some festive fun together. We have lots of exciting things planned to ensure that everyone has an exciting Christmas together. We will kickstart the Christmas fun with the following events:

>> Elf Market
Of course the Christmas Village shall have its very own Elf Market! Full of festive heads, there shall be plenty to choose from to ensure you can add some festive magic at home.

>> Santa Fashion Show
Santa is looking for the coolest festive outfit out there! Do you have a festive skin? Are you the best looking elf? Cutest teddy bear? Share a screenshot of your skin in the santa-fashion-show channel on discord, and let the community be the judges!

>> Homes for Elves
There was a really bad storm in the Christmas Village, and the elves homes were swept away in the hurricane winds! Santa has set up a charity called Homes for Elves. He needs your help in creating new homes for the elves. There is plots already created in the Christmas Village where you can create your elf home. When completed, share a screenshot of your elf home in the homes-for-elves channel on discord, and let the community be the judges!

>> Tiny Tim!
During the festive fun, you shall have a chance to receive Elf Coins! These magical coins can be traded with Tiny Tim, who is located under the Christmas Tree in the Christmas Village. Tiny Tim has been collecting these ancient coins for years. He is willing to trade diamonds, crate keys, and even a Frostbite Armour set for them!

>> Santa Gift Exchange
Would you like to give, and receive Christmas gifts from other players? Well you can! Head to Santa’s Workshop, and claim your very own barrel on the toy shelving. Place a sign on the barrel with your name, but ensure you don’t private it. Now everyone can give you a gift for Christmas! You can also give others gifts too.

– Do not remove your gifts until the 25th December
– Do not steal from other players barrels. (We will know)
– No offensive or rude gifts
– No snooping in other players barrels, unless placing gifts inside
– Do not get upset about what others receive.
– Do not advertise your shop or service in others barrels.
– Do not private your barrel, otherwise other players won’t be able to place gifts inside.

>> Elf Lotto
Would you like free diamond blocks? Enough to finally buy that Lidl christmas jumper you have been thinking about? Of course you do! Simply place your name on a piece of paper, and place it into the chest inside the Elf Lotto shop! Find the Elf Lotto shop located near the Christmas tree, and enter your name into the prize draw. Free for everyone to enter!

Winners shall be chosen on the 24th December at 6pm UTC.

Prizes include:

1st – 256 diamond blocks
2nd – 128 diamond blocks
3rd – 64 diamond blocks
4th – 32 diamond blocks
5th – 16 diamond blocks
6th – 8 diamond blocks

Keep an eye on the events channel on discord for even more festive fun! Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone!

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