Copper Conundrum

The local copper factory has had a little bit of a small problem whilst producing their famous copper blocks. They are the most popular copper brand in the TogetherCraft World with hundreds of regular buyers! Their most popular item is their copper roof tiles. Due to recent demand, they have had to heavily recruit new staff to help with the demand. On one training day they had over 30 newbies starting! The only problem with this is that the training offered has been a little fast paced. Amongst the recruitment chaos, tsukikage85 snuck off from the training session looking for the bathroom. During their adventure they stumbled across the copper factories diamond vault! These diamonds aren’t used for spending, but they are actually added into the copper mixture to create the finest copper blocks.

This was the copper factories top secret ingredient. Bedazzled by the shine of the diamond blocks, tsukikage stumbled back, and accidentally pressed a giant red button! A loud alarm started to sound, and all the diamonds were being pumped into the copper block mixture. This is an absolute nightmare situation! The factory now needs to wait for the copper blocks to cool, before they can retrieve the diamonds. Can you help find the diamonds amongst this copper conundrum?

Event Date: Sunday 7th August – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

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