Dr. Annihilation Is Here

The evil Dr. Abigale Annihilation has absconded with Rockit. The half-mechanical madwoman has devious plans to blast the town of Fantasy into the Void! It’s up to the players of TogetherCraft to figure out the clues left behind, and save the day.

There have been reports of sightings all around the map, some saying that he was dragged through the rough jungle. Others claim he was tossed to the vultures of old west. Perhaps it was Arctic! It would be so easy to hide Rockit up there, he’d just freeze solid and be no trouble at all.

Wherever he is, everyone agrees that Rockit must be found. Or else we can kiss Fantasy goodbye! Wielding a powerful mechanical suit of armor, designed to protect her from all the evil she creates in the world.

The only way we can defeat Dr. Annihilation and save Rockit, is to solve her mechanical redstone riddles, survive her treacherous traps, and remove her suit of power and claim it for ourselves.

Event: Riddle & Mini Games
Event Date: Saturday 31st July – 7pm UTC
Event Location: First clue will be revealed for first location at 7pm UTC.

Everyone is welcome to join! Bring your own weapons, food, and tools.

Ready to start your adventure?

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