Easter Island is now Open!

Easter Island is now Open! The Easter Island district is now ready for you all! The portal is located in the Main Hub near the Arctic portal. Feel free to create awesome Easter themed builds! Maybe a giant bunny? Giant carrot? Easter Eggs? Games? Anything that is Easter related. If you plan to create any games on the Easter Island, please remember that you can’t charge diamonds as we only trade diamonds in Shopping & Gaming. All player created games, must be free for everyone to enjoy!

The Easter Egg Build Competition has now started!
You can win the rainbow sheep Jeb! To enter, all you have to do is create the best looking Easter Egg, and place a sign with your name. Winner shall be chosen on Sunday 4th April.

Easter Island Market
Clarence, Florence, and Bob are the first Easter traders to arrive on the island selling exotic items! Easter Eggs, Clothing and Flowers. In the next couple of weeks, we shall have more traders join us! They are only here for a limited time, and will travel back home on Tuesday 6th April.

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