Easter Island

Easter is almost here! So that means that it is time to release that Easter Fever you have all been bottling up. Get ready to create easter eggs, cute animals, and giant flowers! We want to see colourful, cute, and lots of chocolate.

Easter Island shall open Today (28th March) at 7pm UTC! You can enter the island by the Easter Island Portal located South in the Capitol. We have some Easter themed traders, and lots of space for you all to get Easter busy!

Easter Build Competition!
To kick start off the Easter fun, we shall be hosting a Easter Build Competition! This is your chance to create something Easter awesome!

When you have finished your build, upload a screenshot to the easter-build-competition channel on discord. Make sure you place a 🐣 reaction so others can vote. The top 3 builds with the most 🐣 reactions on Monday 18th April, shall receive an egg-cellent prize!


  • All builds must be finished by 18th April
  • Your Easter Build must have a sign with your name, so we know who built it.
  • You can build anywhere on the island. Do not block others builds
  • No offensive, rude or crude builds
  • Do not edit, or modify another players build without permission
  • Everyone is welcome to build, including Newcomers

Winner shall be chosen on Monday 18th April at 5pm UTC!

Have a great week everyone!

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