Enders Game

Planet Earth is under attack! This is a message from the Hyperion Space Station. We have spotted a strange looking spaceship entering our TogetherWorld Atmosphere. The origin of this space shuttle is unknown, though it is considered hostile. Our Space scouts have reported that the ship will be here within the next few days. Time is critical! Alpha team already tried to engage the shuttle, but lost their Captain LordSkitter. We now need a new captain to control the fleet! With so many great soldiers, choosing a new captain is going to be tough. This is why we are initiating a friendly simulation battle to decide who the new captain shall be. We are calling all space cadets, and fighters to report to the Capitol so we can begin training! Now is your time to enter the simulation, and prove that you have what it takes to save planet Earth. Can you be the last one standing, and become the space marine to command them all?

Event date: SUNDAY 8th January – 7pm UTC

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