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FRIDAY 5th May – Monthly Trade Fair!
Time to find some extra diamonds! This Friday, our favourite traders arrive with some new goodies. The traders will be selling a variety of items, and heads for everyone to purchase. They shall arrive on Friday, and shall be here until Sunday 5th March. Currency will be diamonds. :mc_diamond_block: Due to in game rules, only Member and above will be able to visit the Shopping District. If you are not a member, you still have time to rank up!

FRIDAY 5th May – 5pm UTC – Silent Auction Ends!
Our monthly silent auction ends this Friday! Make sure you get your bids in before Friday at 5pm UTC. When players get banned or go inactive with the community, we shulker box up their items, and keep it securely locked away! This is now your chance to grab their forbidden goodies at the Silent Auction. This is a Member, and above event due to the value of the items in the shulkers. Happy bidding everyone!

SATURDAY 6th May – 11am UTC – Levers Leavers!
You were scrolling through your social media feed this morning, and saw an advert looking for contestants for a new game show called Leavers Levers! You weren’t interested in the game show itself, but the MEGA Jackpot! You have never watched this new game show before, but thought it couldn’t be that hard to play. All the advert description said was that you had to find a lever to escape! How hard can it be to find the correct lever?

SATURDAY 6th May – 7pm UTC – Balloon Brawl!
Due to the recent spike of gold theft in Wideridge, the local Sheriff made the decision to stop transporting their gold shipments by horse, and cart. Instead, he suggested that they use hot air balloons to transport the gold safely. This was working perfectly for weeks, until the 4 groups of local bandits decided to create their own hot air balloons to steal the gold. The thought of sharing the gold with other bandits has caused a massive balloon brawl! Each group of bandits wants all the gold for themselves. These local bandits must now try, and steal all the gold for themselves. If your team loses all of its gold… your team is out! The team who are the last to lose all their gold shall be the winners.

SUNDAY 7th May – 7pm UTC – Hide & Seek!
Join us this Sunday for a game of Hide and Seek! Of course there is a little twist. If you are found… you are killed! You will have 5 minutes to hide, before you are hunted by the staff team. You shall then have 20 minutes to survive! If all players are found before the 20 minutes, then the staff team wins!

Everyone is welcome to join!

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