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SATURDAY 13th May – 11am UTC – Shear Panic!
Farmer Sampson is in trouble.. again! After a very successful lambing season, farmer Sampson has been left with hundreds of sheep, and no one to help them shear them. They needs your help! The more wool you collect, the more points you gain. Farmer Sampson knows that the orange sheep can be a little tricky to shear, so they are willing to give more points to the person who collects their wool. Are you the fastest sheep shearer in TogetherCraft? You´ll need to be, to win this challenge!

SATURDAY 13th May – 7pm UTC – Prison Break!
The notorious Fenris8 has escaped from his cell, and is freeing the other prisoners in the Iron Heights Maximum Security Prison! It is our mission to stop him, and the other inmates from escaping. We can’t let them cause havoc in the City district! Fenris has been planning this escape for months, so has placed items around the prison to help with the escape attempt. We shall have 2 teams! Prisoners, and Guards. It is the prisoners goal to escape the prison, and the guards job to not let them escape! You will have 20 minutes to escape. One prisoner must escape the prison to win! If no one escapes, then the guards win.

SUNDAY 14th May – 7pm UTC – Ravager Run!
This Sunday 14th May is Ravager Runs…. 2nd Birthday! To celebrate the death of so many who have entered, we shall be giving a big reward for everyone who makes it through in one piece. Can you make it through the underground maze to the finish? Will you be able to hide from Benny the Ravager, and his family below? Run, jump and sprint like your life depends on it (because it does) to find the exit! No food, no weapons, no potions, no tools. Enter naked, and come out a Hero! As it’s a birthday, there shall be cake!

Everyone is welcome to join! 💙

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