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SATURDAY 15th July – 11am UTC – Maze Runner!

There has been whispers of a fortune being hidden in the middle of the Iron Foxes Maze in the outskirts of Easthampton! Those who have ventured into the maze before have never returned, or made it out alive. With the fear of never being seen again, do you have the courage to enter alone? Will you find the treasure? Or will the maze consume you like those before…

SATURDAY 15th July – 7pm UTC – Fishy Buckets!

The Fishmonger in Oceanside has a bit of a fish problem. They have no fish! They have literally no fish, and no buckets to try to collect more fish. This Sunday is their busiest trading day of the year, and the Fishmonger is really stressed. Due to a recent stubbed toe whilst walking their cat, they have been unable to collect more fish! They are desperate for our help, and are willing to reward us for our time. Are you ready to fill your fishy buckets?

SUNDAY 16th July – 7pm UTC – Fenris’ Birthday Walk!

It is Fenris’ birthday on Tuesday, and I shall be sharing more details of his birthday bonanza shortly! However, he wanted to celebrate his birthday by all of us going out for a drink together. There is only one problem… He forgot to order taxis! Well he didn’t forget, he just didn’t want to pay for a taxi for everyone. Therefore, we now have to make our own way to the party!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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