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FRIDAY 1st September – Monthly Trade Fair!

Time to find some extra diamonds! This Friday, our favourite traders arrive with some new goodies. The traders will be selling a variety of items, and heads for everyone to purchase. They shall arrive on Friday, and shall be here until Sunday 3rd September. Currency will be diamonds. Due to in game rules, only Member and above will be able to visit the Shopping District. If you are not a member, you still have time to rank up!

FRIDAY 1st September – 5pm UTC – Silent Auction Ends!

Our monthly silent auction ends this Friday! Make sure you get your bids in before Friday at 5pm UTC. When players get banned or go inactive with the community, we shulker box up their items, and keep it securely locked away! This is now your chance to grab their forbidden goodies at the Silent Auction. This is a Member, and above event due to the value of the items in the shulkers. Happy bidding everyone!

SATURDAY 2nd September – 11am UTC – Hungry Hoglin!

A group of wild hoglins have escaped from the Nether, and have broken into my diamond vault! They were extremely hungry at the time, and ate the entire pile of diamonds stored inside. Eating these shiny rocks has made the hoglins very sick, and extremely aggressive towards anything which moves. I can’t battle these beasts by themselves, so needs your help in “removing” them. The wild hoglins will hopefully drop some of the diamonds which they ate. Any diamonds you find, you can keep!

SATURDAY 2nd September – 7pm UTC – Panda Protection!

A group of pandas are being chased through the jungle by evil poachers! It looks like MrBearMan_ is their ring leader. We all know how much Bear dislikes pandas since they mistakenly took our diamonds in the past. These cute creatures were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, it seems that Bear can’t forgive them, and has pledged to turn every panda in the world into cushions! With only 10 pandas left, can you keep the Pandas safe until backup arrives?

SUNDAY 3rd September – 7pm UTC – Ocean Clean Up!

Time to clean up the ocean from all the junk floating around! Every time a player doesn’t use the /trash command it ends up in our beautiful waters. There is so much trash that in some places it is just impossible to swim! Therefore, this Sunday we shall be having an ocean clean up. Any junk which you recover can be traded for something more special.

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