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SATURDAY 21st October – 11am UTC – Witch Warfare!

Helga and Agnes have been living in a magical forest full of incredible beings, and flowers for over 100 years! It is such a beautiful, and enchanting place to live. These 2 young witches have both been working extremely hard to use their magical powers only for good. However, one day whilst strolling through the woods… they met the Evil Witch Queen known as Empy! The evil witch had an offer for the 2 sisters….. immortality! Of course it wasn’t free, and there was a catch. Only ONE of them could be granted this gift! Wanting the power for themselves, the 2 sisters slowly tore the forest apart to prove to Empy that they are the most powerful. Who will you side with? The cunning Helga, or the devious Agnes?

SATURDAY 21st October – 7pm UTC – Nightmare Notes!

Lord Witchworth of Spookington wants a new door bell melody for his manor. He feels that the current door bell melody just isn’t spooky enough. Therefore, he has hired us all to create a new sound. He wants something spooky, bold, and of course original. Do you think that you can help? The top voted spooky melody shall be be paid greatly for their new addition to Lord Witchworth’s manor.

SUNDAY 22nd October – 7pm UTC – The Purge!

It is that time of year again when I cannot control the blood lust of the staff team, as they get excited for their yearly purge. BearMan has started to sharpen his claws, Rose is polishing his monthly axes, and Lab is just licking her lips at the thought of Newcomer blood. The staff team are keen to put away their ban hammers, and play a deadly game of hide and seek. Are you brave enough to head into the basement of horror? If you survive, you shall all receive a reward!

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