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FRIDAY 17th November – 9pm UTC – Movie Night!

Join us this Friday at 9pm UTC for Movie Night! We have a choice of films above, which you can still vote on. The top voted film, shall be the film which we shall all watch. Bring popcorn, drinks, and friends!

SATURDAY 18th November – 11am UTC – Animal Crossing!

A herd of wild animals have become lost whilst exploring our world again, and they need our help to get home safely! The crossing has become more dangerous, and even includes lava. Will your trusty pig be turned into bacon? Or will you get it home safely? Using a lead, you must lead 1 animal through the maze to the other side! If you or the animal dies, then you have to start again!

SATURDAY 18th November – 7pm UTC – Honey Wars!

The local honey shop in Blossomhill needs 1000 jars of honey before Sunday, and they have totally forgotten about the order. Luckily, they have my number on speed dial! The honey shop owner cannot afford to hire us all, so we shall be splitting into 2 teams! They are looking for a quick, efficient, and productive team that is able to work under pressure whilst thinking outside of the box. The team which is able to collect the most honey bottles in 20 minutes shall be given the honey contract. Let the honey wars commence!

SUNDAY 19th November – 7pm UTC – Battle of the Bees!

The annual honey tasting contest is this weekend in Blossomhill! 2 of our local honey shops have entered into the contest with their delicious honey samples. This sunday our honey tasting expert Farmer Sampson, shall be judging the honey. They shall declare which honey was the best in Blossomhill. The troublesome two shops, can’t let the other one beat them. Without even knowing it, they have both planned to sabotage each others honey farms by destroying all their bees! There is a lot of bees, so they need your help in “removing” them. The hive which is left with no bees, shall lose the competition. Will you be joining the battle of the bees?

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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