Events this Week!

Holy cows! We have a lot of Events taking place this week. Including EXTRA days of Events! Check out this weeks events below.

TUESDAY 19th December – 11pm UTC – Snow Run!

The North Pole has experienced really heavy snowfall. The path leading home for the elves has become tricky to navigate. Santa needs your help in finding a safe path for his beloved elves. You can be replaced, but they can’t be. Can you find a safe path through the thick snow?

WEDNESDAY 20th December – 11pm UTC – Fishing for Santa!

Looks like Santa recruited too many elves this year, and their food supply is getting low! Being the peak of winter, fresh food is extremely rare to find. With only a few weeks of food left, the elves will go hungry after Christmas if we do not find them food soon. The only food source available is fish! Can you fish for Santa?

THURSDAY 21st December – 11pm UTC – Present Protection!

Santa has just been informed that his warehouse full of toys is going to be raided this Thursday! The group of humbugs really don’t like Christmas, and are trying to ruin this special day for everyone else in the world. The elves aren’t strong enough to battle these giant beasts by themselves, so Santa needs our help in protecting the warehouse! Can you help keep things safe?

FRIDAY 22nd December – 7pm UTC – Letters to Santa!

We shall be doing a live stream on Twitch to read the wishes of 20 random players. If your wish is reasonable, it’ll then be granted!

FRIDAY 22nd December – 11pm UTC – Movie Night!

Join us this Friday for our Christmas Movie Night! We have a choice of films above this post. The top voted film, shall be the film which we shall all watch.

SATURDAY 23rd December – 11am UTC – Snow Drop!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fall from the sky like a snowflake? Gracefully falling to the surface below you from the heavens above. This Saturday is your opportunity to fall from the sky, and try to make it safely to the floor below! Will you have a successful snow drop?

SATURDAY 23rd December – 7pm UTC – Frosty Fortune!

Santa absolutely loves this time of year! Not only is it the season to be jolly… But, more importantly Santa gets paid big! He receives diamond payments from companies for using his name, and image in their advertising campaigns. This year is Santa’s biggest endorsement to date! So large, that it requires this amount of diamonds to be shipped across the ocean to the north pole. However, there is only one thing Santa didn’t think about… The ice cold weather! It looks like the diamonds have been frozen on board. Will you help Santa rescue his diamonds?

SATURDAY 23rd December – 11pm UTC – Snow Maze!

All this hard work over the festive season has left some elfs feeling a little poorly. With the big day fast approaching and so many presents to deliver, Santa needs every elf he can get. This is why he has called on you! To show you are the right elf for the job, Santa has made a slippery maze to test your skills. Do you have what it takes to make it?

SUNDAY 24th December – Christmas Eve Party!

Christmas is finally here, and to celebrate we shall be hosting a Christmas Eve party of fun for everyone. We know that you will all be busy with your families on Christmas day, so we shall be hosting a Christmas Eve Party to spend some festive fun together!

  • 4pm UTC – Santa Fashion Show winners announced!
  • 5pm UTC – Homes for Elves Competition winners announced!
  • 6pm UTC – Elf Lotto winners announced!
  • 7pm UTC – Present Scatter!
  • 730pm UTC – Sleigh Spill!
  • 8pm UTC – Naughty or Nice!
  • 830pm UTC – Fireworks!

MONDAY 25th December – Santa Gift Exchange!

Christmas Day! You can now remove your gifts from the Santa Gift Exchange. Make sure you say thank you for your gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone! No matter what you celebrate, have a fantastic week.

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