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SATURDAY 13th January – 11am UTC – Piggy Plunder!

The Wolf Casino received a large surge of diamonds during the Christmas period due everyone spending their Christmas diamonds. I asked LordSkitter to hide my treasure from the Tax man who was visiting on Friday. I made a mistake, and told Skitter to hide them somewhere nearby. Well, the closest thing nearby to Skitter was a giant pig farm! He told me that pigs eat anything, so it was the perfect solution. This is where he came up with the idea to feed my treasure to the pigs. I now need your help in getting the treasure back!

SATURDAY 13th January – 7pm UTC – Villager Rescue!

Disturbing reports have surfaced about a nefarious and bizarre group of bandits who have been capturing local villagers, coercing them into excavating the dripstone caves in a relentless quest for diamonds. The situation is dire, with the villagers surrounded by ruthless, odorous bandits, making any escape attempt seemingly impossible. To complicate matters, the villagers find themselves imprisoned in cages suspended from the cavern ceiling. Are you up for the challenge of rescuing these beleaguered souls and returning them to safety? The grateful local towns are ready to reward your heroism for ensuring the safe return of their fellow citizens.

SUNDAY 14th January – 7pm UTC – Food fight!

It looks like a Zombie outbreak has taken place in a quiet suburbs, and the army won’t be arriving for a few days! Food is becoming scarce, and your family is becoming hungry. To solve the food shortage, you have decided to steal food from others within the community. Whilst battling zombies, and your neighbours… Will you let your family go hungry? Time for a food fight!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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