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SATURDAY 18th March – 11am UTC – Football Fun!
To kick off the weekend, we shall be hosting a game of Football on Saturday. Find your football boots, and wash those kits! We are on a budget so don’t have a football…. However, a local creeper has volunteered to be our football for the game. Using knockback sticks, you must knock the creeper into the other teams goal. The team to score the most points in 30 minutes… Wins!

SATURDAY 18th March – 7pm UTC – The Cure!
We have finally been able to create a stable home on the planet Xerem! We have water, electricity, and even a small laboratory to get us started. TogetherCraftians cannot live outside of our protected domes, as the air is too thin. Over exposure has led to some of the scientists becoming mutated and hostile. We have developed a cure that will allow us to heal the scientists, and rid them of this horrible mutation. These people are of the utmost importance, so it is vital we cure as many as we can. The Rockit foundation has agreed to give us the funds we need to complete the tasks. They have advised us that, the more scientists that you can cure, the larger the reward! Of course this shall not be an easy task, as the planet is riddled with nasty space creatures. Whilst curing the scientists, you must also keep them safe from wild creatures lurking outside. Resources are in short supply, so you must work together to collect the materials needed to cure as many scientists as possible. Are you ready to be part of the cure?

SUNDAY 19th March – 7pm UTC – Tree Discovery!
I was exploring the world this morning, and noticed something unusual appear on the map. Upon further investigation, it appears to be a giant mystical tree made from the strangest of elements. These rare materials are very valuable to Dr Williamson, who is willing to trade them for items which you may be of value to you. Will you help them with this new tree discovery?

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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