Exciting NEW Features

Hey everyone! We have added some very exciting new features to the server, which I hope you all enjoy as much as we do.

Weakened Bedrock
Throwing a Lingering Potion of Weakness onto bedrock will randomly “weaken” the surrounding bedrock inside the effect cloud into cobblestone. Works in all dimensions but the blocks, other than the initial bedrock block, must have direct line-of-sight to the sky to be converted. So you must throw the lingering potion of weakness on top of the Nether Roof for this to work.

Wandering Trader Notifier
How are you supposed to spend emeralds on Coral and Blue Ice if that sneaky trader is always hiding!? When a Wandering Trader spawns, a chat message will say which player they are closest too. No more hiding, Mr Trader!

Climbable Chains
Ladders are cool and all, but how about those great looking chains? Chains now have the same climbable functionality as ladders, vines and scaffolding.

NEW Craftables
Sticky Honey Pistons – Sometimes hunting for slimes can be annoying. Luckily, honey is sticky too. Sticky Pistons can be crafted using Honeycomb as well as Slime Balls. Place 1 honeycomb, and 1 piston to craft sticky pistons.
Craftable Gilded Blackstone – Looking for gilded blackstone can be tiresome! Especially, when we want to use this beautiful block in our builds. Place 1 gold block and 8 blackstone to craft gilded blackstone.
Craftable Cobweb – Hunting for cobwebs in mineshafts is a thing of the past! Place 1 slime block and 8 string to craft cobwebs.

Ready to start your adventure?

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