Halloween Hunt

With only a few days until the big Halloween Feast, Hugo the Hunter needs our help! Hugo got his title as hunter, as he has always provided food for his village. He has been their mighty hunter for years! However, Hugo has a secret… He actually doesn’t know how to hunt. He has been buying the “hunted” animals from a local Butcher in Alpha City. So what is the problem? Well it seems that Hugo forgot to place, and order for the Feast! The Butcher is fully booked, and Hugo is responsible for feeding 200 villagers. Hugo is desperate! He can’t go home with nothing. With only a few days before the big feast in his village, he is willing to trade meat for rewards! Will you be able to help Hugo? Will you help him hunt? Or will you just let Hugo go back with nothing? Sharpen those bows, and axes. The hunt is about to begin!

Event date: SATURDAY 29th October – 11am UTC

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