Halloween Island is now OPEN!

Hey everyone, we are very excited to announce that Halloween is now open! We have given Halloween Island a little bit of a refurbishment this year, to ensure even more spooky fun together.


It looks like Lord Witchworth of Spookington forgot to make homes for all of the Witches within the community! He really needs your help, as they are currently working hard at the market with nowhere to sleep after a hard day at work. The Lord has spent all of the towns peoples money on a new chandelier for his Manor. They have very little money left, and could use your help in creating new homes for these hard working witches! There is plots already created on Halloween Island where you can create a home perfect for a local witch. Do you think you can help? Check out the Witch Home Competition on Discord.


The Halloween Market is here! Head to Halloween Island to see what those nasty witches are willing to exchange your diamonds for. There is pumpkins, monsters, eyes, letters, and much more! Grab them whilst you can. Make your home even more creepier!


Would you like free diamond blocks? Enough to finally buy those Pennywise Pants? Of course you do! Simply place your name on a piece of paper, and place it into the chest inside the Lotto Witch Hut! Find the Lotto Witch Hut located near the entrance of Halloween Island, and enter your name into the prize draw. Free for everyone to enter! Winners shall be chosen on the 31st October at 3pm UTC.


To add to the Halloween fun, we shall have our very own Halloween Crate! The Halloween Crate is jam packed with great items to add to the spooky fun. Keys for the Halloween Crate can only be obtained from attending or winning events.


We want to see your halloween costumes! Do you have the scariest skin? Are you the creepiest zombie? Share a screenshot of your skin in the ⁠Halloween Skin Competition channel on Discord, and let the community be the judges.

Have an awesome October, we are very excited to be celebrating our 3rd Halloween together! We have some great spooky events planned, so keep an eye on the Events channel on Discord.

Happy Spooktober!

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