Hardcore Proximity Chat

Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement to let you all know that we now have Proximity Chat on Hardcore! Only those who are able to join Hardcore can see the new proximity chat channels. This includes those who are Explorer, Gold or above!

How does proximity chat work?
You do NOT need to download anything, or install any mods. All you need is discord. Yes, it is that simple! Simply join the Hardcore Proximity Lobby, and when you are near another player… You shall be connected together! It really is that simple! No mods needed, no external programs. Just connect to the Lobby, and when you are near another player… you will be connected like rockit science!

With this new addition, and to stop confusion… The Survival Proximity Chat has been renamed to Survival Proximity Chat.

I look forward to seeing how you all use this new addition to our Hardcore World. Have a great rest of the week!

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