Hardcore Season 2

I scream, you scream…. We all scream for Hardcore Season 2! I am sure you are all getting excited for Season 2 of Hardcore, which is just over 24 hours away. I can imagine you are all wondering what have we added? What is new? Who am I?

Let’s start off with what we have removed first. It’s always best to do the bad news first. So, to kick start… We have removed the ability to create Elevators, and you won’t be able to get onto the Nether Roof. If you get onto the nether roof, then you will be teleported straight back down. Why have we done this? Well, to make things a little more exciting! The nether roof is always an easy travel option, and elevators feel a little cheaty in a hardcore situation.

Okay, now the exciting news! What have we added? What is NEW to Hardcore Season 2?

🏔️ NEW Biomes, and Structures! Season 2 of Hardcore shall have an explosion of exciting new biomes, and structures which we are very excited for you to explore together!
🗺️ Hardcore map! Yes, this season we shall have an online map for everyone to view. There are a lot of exciting new biomes, and we don’t want you to miss exploring them. Also, this will make things easier to find your friends! The map shall remain hidden until launch! So you can’t scout the good stuff.
2️⃣ Double Barrels – We have added double barrels! A lag friendly solution to encourage beautiful builds.
🌲 Fast Leaf Decay – Waiting for leaves to decay is ugly, and boring. We have sped things up, so the leaves decay faster. Nobody likes floating trees!
✝️ 1 Starter Totem – This season when everyone starts, you shall be given ONE totem! Use this totem wisely to increase your chances of survival. Remember totems will only work in your off hand. Not in your inventory!
🧭 Coordshud – We all hate getting lost, so we have added the /coordshud command. It is annoying not knowing where you are going.
🔭 Near Command – We have added the /near command for everyone, so you can see who is nearby!
🐲 Dragon Drops – The Ender Dragon when killed shall drop an elytra! This means more elytras for everyone.
☠️ Keep Inventory ON – When you die, your inventory won’t fall to the floor. Therefore, no one can take your good loot when you die.

Hardcore Season 2 shall launch on Monday 25th July at 7pm UTC! Just like you, we are very excited for our second season of Hardcore.

I know this is a popular question, and will be asked straight away! So, when will the Hardcore Season 2 end? I know, there are those out there who ask about the ending before it’s even begun. Therefore, we have made the decision to end the hardcore season when we update to Minecraft version 1.20. I don’t know when that is, Mojang doesn’t know what it is. Season 3 shall therefore be launched when we updated to 1.20 in the future!

LIVE Stream Sneak Peak!
If you would like a super sneaky peak of the Hardcore World before we launch, then tune into my Twitch Stream at 10pm UTC today! You can view the stream here if you haven’t already – https://www.twitch.tv/rockit_7

Not long to wait now everyone! Have a great rest of the day!

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