Hardcore Season 3

I scream, you scream… We all scream for Hardcore Season 3! I am sure you are all getting excited for Season 3 of Hardcore, which is just under 24 hours away. I can imagine you are all wondering what have we added? What is new?

Our focus this season is on discovery with a little bit of a story twist! Of course, you don’t have to follow the story, but a little roleplay never hurt anyone. 😉

In the centre of the world is the beautiful Kingdom of Estremo! This kingdom is our home, where we have all lived for centuries peacefully. Full of life, happiness, and opportunity. It is the richest kingdom in the world, and the envy of those who reside nearby. However, this was all about to change! On one summer’s evening, everyone could hear a whooshing sound from the North getting louder! Woosh, woosh, woosh! Everyone looking around in panic not knowing what or where this noise was coming from. Then all of a sudden there was a HUGE crash that could be heard from the castle. Followed by a high pitched ROOOOAR! Everyone looked up into the sky to see that it was the infamous Nera Dragon! The most deadliest dragon in the world that craved as much gold as possible. We all gathered our loved ones, friends, a few belongings, and rushed out of the kingdom as quickly as possible! Scared, cold, and with no where to go… This is where we all shall start our new journey in the world. What or who will you discover? Just remember that no matter how far your adventure may take you… We shall all be together. 💙

NOW, let’s mention what we have added this season!

100+ NEW Structures! 🏡
We have added over 100+ new structures for you to discover. We have new villages, watch towers, ruins, mineshafts, pillager outposts, lighthouses, boats, and so much for you to discover! Will you be brave enough to go looking? All of this in ADDITION to the normal vanilla structures.

Care Packages! 📦
With the Kingdom of Estremo being attacked by the dangerous dragon, the other villages within the world are willing to help! Randomly throughout the season they shall drop Care Packages at random locations in the world. They shall reveal the Care Package locations in chat, so keep a close eye! You shall only have 10 minutes to find them, before they are stolen by bandits.

Some changes we should remember!
🗺️ Hardcore map! Yes, we have a /map. You can view it NOW here: https://hardcoremap.togethercraft.online/
2️⃣ Double Barrels – A lag friendly solution to encourage beautiful builds.
🌲 Fast Leaf Decay – Waiting for leaves to decay is ugly, and boring.
1️⃣ 1 Starter Totem – You shall be given ONE totem! Use this totem wisely to increase your chances of survival. Remember totems will only work in your off hand. Not in your inventory!
🧭 Coordshud – We all hate getting lost, so we have the /coordshud command.
🔭 Near Command – See who is nearby with the /near command!
🐲 Dragon Drops – The Ender Dragon when killed shall drop an elytra!
☠️ Keep Inventory ON – When you die, your inventory won’t fall to the floor. Therefore, no one can take your good loot when you die.
⬆️ Respawnable Shulkers – Shulkers shall respawn on end cities.
❎ NO custom recipes – Back to vanilla!
💥 Creepers make holes! – Yep, big holes are back.
1️⃣ ONE LIFE – This one is kind of important. You get one life, so choose how you use it wisely.

I know this shall be asked straight away when someone dies on the first day! So, when will the Hardcore Season 3 end? There are those out there who ask about the ending before it’s even begun. Hardocre Season 3 shall end when 1.21 is released. I don’t know when that is, Mojang doesn’t know what it is. Season 4 shall therefore be launched when we update to 1.21 in the future!

Not long to wait now everyone. Have a great rest of the day! 💙

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