Midnight Robbery

On Sunday night whilst returning to his family, George the Gem Trader was ambushed on his way home. Whilst he calmly walked home under the peaceful stars, he was ambushed by 3 sword wielding robbers. George refused to hand over the gems he had on his carriage, as this is how he fed his family! Without them gems, he would have no diamond income.

One of the robbers grabbed the bag of gems which was in Georges hands. As they both tugged on the bag, the bag split in half! This sent all the gems exploding all over the place. Gems everywhere! During the struggle, George was able to grab the mask of the assailant which led them to flee as they didn’t want to be identified.

In distress, George tried his best to collect as many gems as he could scattered around the woods. George needs your help! Can you help George find the gems? The more gems you collect, the bigger the reward!

Event: Gem Hunt
Event Date: Sunday 8th August – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers

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