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Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Events

FRIDAY 15th July – 9pm UTC – Chat Games!
Join us this Friday for our first ever TogetherCraft Chat Games event! Games include Trivia, Unscramble, Word Unshuffle, and more fast paced mini games. Anyone can join, and those who don’t want to join can opt out from playing. Every question or puzzle solved first, shall reward you with a prize!

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Events

SATURDAY 16th July – 11am UTC – Dejavu!
Have you ever had a Dejavu moment? How about a dream where it just keeps playing over, and over again? Well this is not a dream! You are stuck in a cycle of jumping out of a plane to the ground below with no parachute. How can you escape this nightmare? Simple! Land on the ground safely, and avoid all the obstacles on the way down. The first 3 players to reach the ground safely shall win a prize, and be the first to escape this nightmare.

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Events

SATURDAY 16th July – 7pm UTC – Rock Climbing!
You have discovered a treasure map! Within this mysterious map it tells the story of a fortune waiting for someone at the top of a mountain. The only trouble is that this mountain is famous for killing those who attempt to climb it. You can’t go alone, and need some friends to support your journey! You never know, you may have to eat them for food? Anything is possible! With only your new walking boots, and some food you attempt to climb to the top. The only problem is… That you got a little merry on the weekend, and told everyone in the pub of your new discovery! It is a now a race to the top of the mountain. Are you ready for some rock climbing?

Adult Minecraft Server - TogetherCraft Events

MONDAY 18th July – 7pm UTC – Fenris Birthday Bonanza!
On Monday 18th July it is Fenris’ birthday! To celebrate, we shall be opening Birthday Island! There shall be mini games, cake, music, and lots more fun shenanigans. Everyone is invited, and welcome to join the fun! If you would like to create a mini game, a present, or something for the day then please let me know! The Birthday Island is open now for those who would like to create something for the day. You can access it by using Event Portal 2. Fenris is BANNED from the island until Monday!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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