Monday Maintenance

Hey everyone! The server is now back online, and you are able to join again. So, what have we been up to? What’s changed?

The /skin command is now fixed!
I know this hasn’t been working for a while, but it now works again. You can change to whoever you want to be, just like before. However, we have added something NEW! By doing /skins it will open a GUI where you can easily select players online, or previous skins, so now it’s even quicker to change to your favourite BearMan skin! The /skin command is for Gold rank, and above. Elder rank now has access to /skin too!

/skin PLAYERNAME – Will change your skin to this player
/skin clear – Will remove skin
/skin update – Will update skin
/skins – Will open skin GUI

Events Server!
We would like to announce the launch of our very own** Events Server**! WIth this new addition, we can really level up our community events without the restrictions of Survival. This new addition to the community will enable us to create even more awesome events for everyone to enjoy weekly! We are very excited for our first event this weekend on the Events Server, so keep a close eye on the events channel on discord!

Stackable Minecarts!
Minecarts are now stackable! I know, I know… doing the devil’s work again. Check out the new stack sizes below:

  • Minecarts – 8
  • Chest Minecart – 8
  • Furnace Minecart – 8
  • TNT Minecart – 8
  • Hopper Minecart – 8

A lot of plugins, and back end features were updated this morning! So, if you do find a bug or a glitch, please message Modmail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

I would like to thank you for your patience, and for allowing me a few hours to update things this morning! You can now join the TogetherCraft server again. Have a brilliant week!

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