Panda Payday

You may think that pandas are cute, and fuzzy! But deep down, they are sneaky. A rogue group of fluffy pandas plan to steal the diamonds from the silent auction on Saturday! They have been spotted around the Shopping District Town Hall, taking notes of when the diamonds are collected to be taken to the City Bank. We must retrieve these diamonds back from these mean pandas! These diamonds are ours, and shouldn’t be used to fund panda antics.

We will head into the Jungle on Saturday, and shake down the panda’s den in search of the diamond blocks. We have been told that the diamonds have been spread all around the jungle to make it harder for us to find them! We don’t want to be spotted collecting the diamonds, so have pandas disguises to help us blend in.

The bank has had the diamonds returned to them by their insurers, so any diamonds we find.. we can keep! Are you ready to take back our diamonds? :mc_diamond_block:

Event: Treasure Hunt
Event Location: Event Portal
Event Date: Saturday 6th November – 7pm UTC

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers.

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