Popstar Protection

The famous boy band Take Five have just finished their biggest ever performance in Alpha City! They get their extremely unique name from only being just 5 of them. With over 80,000 fans in attendance, and the ticket price of 120 diamonds per person… this is the boybands biggest ever show! We have been requested to provide security for the event. We delegated Rosendahlen as the Boybands limousine driver. What we didn’t know is that Rose is unable to read a map or directions! When the event had finished, he was meant to have been parked outside the venue.

However, it seems Rose got lost on the way! He is over 2 miles away, and unable to find his way to the venue. Time is ticking, and the fans are about to stampede out of the venue. We told Rose to wait, and we would make our way to him. Pushing through the fans, you must lead the boyband to the safety of their limousine. The fans can get really aggressive, and grabby! It is your job to keep them safe whilst making your way to the limousine. Can you help keep them safe?

Event Date: Saturday 23rd July – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels provided.

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