Prison Break

The notorious Fenris has escaped from his cell, and is freeing the other prisoners in the Iron Heights Maximum Security Prison!

It is our mission to stop him, and the other inmates from escaping. We can’t let them cause havoc in the City district! Fenris has been planning this escape for months, so has placed items around the prison to help with the escape attempt.

We shall have 2 teams! Prisoners, and prison guards. It is the prisoners goal to escape the prison, and the guards job to not let them escape! You will have 15 minutes to escape. The first person to escape the prison wins! If no one escapes, then the guards win.

Remember, team work makes the dream work!

Event: Prison Break
Event location: Event Portal
Event time: Sunday 23rd May – 7pm UTC

Everyone is welcome to join! Prison and guard uniform will be provided. No tools, weapons, or armour. All items will be provided for you, and chests available to place your items inside.

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