Prison Riot

A fight has broken out in the yard in the Iron Heights Maximum Security Prison! The argument between prisoners was over who had the most diamonds. One of them got so frustrated that, they swung for the other which caused a full blown prison riot in the yard!

Everyone was punching, kicking, and biting until the Prison Guards arrived. This is when the prisoners looked at one another, and grouped up together to fight the Guards!

Amongst the chaos, a clumsy guard left the secure yard doors open. This was now the prisoners chance to escape the prison!

With only 15 minutes before backup arrived to the prison, the prisoners pushed forward in an attempt to escape!

We shall have 2 teams! Prisoners, and prison guards. It is the prisoners goal to escape the prison, and the guards job to not let them escape! You will have 15 minutes to escape. The first person to escape the prison wins! If no one escapes, then the guards win.

Event: Prison Riot
Event location: Event Portal
Event time: Sunday 22nd August – 7pm UTC

Everyone is welcome to join! Prison and guard uniform will be provided. No tools, weapons, or armour. All items will be provided for you, and barrels available to place your items inside.

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