Pub Punch-Up

To celebrate the New Year with his family, MrBearMan_ decided to go to the local pub in Aramoor. This was a popular pub for Santa’s elves to go to, as it was the nearest. Upon entering the pub, all the elves stopped talking, and swiveled around on their chairs to look directly at the new patrons that entered. Bear slowly walked up to the bar, and ordered a Vodka Cranberry to celebrate the years fun that he has had with his new friends. This is when an angry elf screeched across the pub… “Oi! No bears are allowed in here! This is our pub”. BearMan just chuckled with his friends, as this elf was literally only knee height, so wasn’t seen as a threat. This is where things escalated, the angry little elf hated being ignored! So, decided to throw a glass across the room. BearMan caught the glass mid-air, and then slammed it on the bar. This is when things escalated… Bear rose up from his chair, and pushed the elf over! The entire pub turned into one giant fist fight. Will you help keep Bear safe from these nasty elves?

Event date: SUNDAY 1st January – 7pm UTC

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