Pumpkin Punch

It is the Month of Halloween, and the people of Hauntington are visiting their favourite local pumpkin shop! Each year the locals compete to have the best pumpkin sculpture, in their dusty homes. However, this year it seems that Lis_Wes is trying to start a new tradition! They are bored of looking at pumpkins everywhere, and want to inject some new colours in the spooky season!

A little green, and lime to be exact. This is why Lis is attempting to try, and make MELONS the new first choice for Halloween this year. Tubbster89 is not happy with this! Growing the perfect pumpkin has been their family business since before rose was born, which is over 50 years ago. There is only one way this can be settled! It’s time to grab your aprons and axes… We are going Melon Smashing! Will you support carved melons becoming the new Halloween tradition, or will you carry on the pumpkin legacy? Pick wisely, as a reward awaits the winning team.

Event date: SATURDAY 22nd October – 11am UTC

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