Rabbit Season

Farmer Sampson needs our help again at The Farm! It seems they have a really bad rabbit problem, and need our help in exterminating them. The pesky bunnies have been happily eating their carrots, and Farmer Sampson has had enough! Due to the huge amount of carrots being lost, the farmer was able to make a deal with a nearby neighbour. They will buy the rabbits, rabbit hide, and lucky rabbits feet!

This is Farmer Sampson’s offer to you… Collect the most raw rabbit, rabbit hide and rabbits foot, and you shall be rewarded with a prize for your hard work!

Event: Rabbit Season
Event Date: Saturday 2nd October – 11am UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels provided. Tools will be provided to ensure a fair game.

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