Rockit Robbery

On Sunday, the diamonds from the Wolf Casino get transferred from the Casino Vault to the Bank in Alpha City. However, this particular time.. The usual Bank truck driver was sick, so could not do the delivery. Therefore, due to short notice.. They employed MrBearMan_ to drive the van! Bear was so excited to drive the truck for the bank, especially as it was fully loaded with rockits diamonds inside. Bear made sure he brought his favourite music disc for the journey, so he had something to sing along too! Barbie Girl by Aqua has always been Bears favourite song, as he knows all the words, and can really bellow out the words! Bear had collected his diamond delivery from the Casino on time, and was about 5 minutes from the Bank when his favourite part of the song came on! Bear shouted out the lyrics, and even closed his eyes to really imagine himself as the Barbie girl. As bear closed his eyes, and dreamt about sipping Margaritas with Ken.. He felt himself floating through the air! Taking in the moment, he opened his eyes. It turns out that floating sensation was Bear plowing his truck through a stop sign, and driving the truck off a bridge! The truck came crashing down on the road below. Diamonds everywhere! Barbie Girl still playing in the background, and a group of people fast approaching the situation in the hope of taking some of the diamonds! Bear called for backup, and now needs to protect these diamonds from everyone else. How many diamonds will you be able to steal? Will Bear be able to protect them all?

Event Date: SUNDAY 4th September – 7pm UTC

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